Teens and Families

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The teen years can be stormy for teens and for their families. Teens may be experiencing changes in their biological systems, friend groups, families, and the in the way that their brains process all of these changes. I believe that teens and their families are already doing the best that they know how to do given their current skill base, and that increased information and tools can assist in coping and thriving during this dynamic, wild, and precious time in the lifespan.

I work with teens who may be coping in ways that interfere with their long-term goals, teens who are engaging in behaviors that are scary for themselves or their families, creative and curious teens who crave being understood, teens who are lonely, isolating, or feel like shutting down, and teens who are struggling with the pressure of school, activities, changing peers groups, or changes in the family. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety, depression, self-injuring behavior and anger outbursts in teens.